Threads is a set of features for GrapheneCMS designed to help readers follow news events as they develop over time.

This project was inspired by my own experience as a news consumer and informed by extensive research, including surveys, interviews, and user testing. That research as well as industry-wide studies suggest that news consumers are struggling to keep up in a cacophonous news environment and experiencing high levels of news fatigue. They choose to detach from the news as a result.

The basic concept of Threads, developed in partnership with the editors of the LA Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, is to link together news stories about a single news event. Readers who keep up with the news regularly are able to quickly identify the most recent updates on that event, while readers who arrive at the news later are able to more readily find comprehensive summaries and recaps. The newsrooms are given tools to curate and summarize overage of a single news event.

A screenshot of the Los Angeles Times website, showing a thread guide page with the headline ‘Mark Ridley Thomas found guilty of 7 charges in corruption case.’A screenshot of the San Diego Union-Tribune website, showing an article page with the headline ‘Mountain West accepts SDSU back — but with conditions.’ Above the headline is a thread badge linking to the thread guide page.