The San Francisco Standard redesign

I shepherded The San Francisco Standard’s redesign and rebrand project through the entire design and development process.

The company leadership felt that the previous brand, created at The Standard’s founding about 2 years earlier, had become stale, and wanted to achieve a new look and feel that felt “lively and distinctive.” We also sought to make the homepage more dynamic and flexible to turn The Standard into a destination for everyday news for San Franciscans.

As a serious news organization, a major design challenge we tackled was identifying a solution that felt right for fun lifestyle coverage but could also accompany serious investigative journalism and breaking news.

This project happened in tandem with other major renewal initiatives, including the move to a new CMS and a new newsletter platform, that I also led.

A screenshot of a San Francisco Standard article about an ad campaign for restaurants in the Tenderloin district.
A screenshot of the homepage of The San Francisco Standard on March 30, 2024.