Your values should be built into your products

Competing in the attention game is a race to the bottom, so we as news producers should step out of that game entirely by focusing on something else: the purpose we accomplish and values we convey. The only way for news organizations to survive is to create better products that embody these things.

Focus on quality content rather than a high quantity of content

For many people, algorithms are editors

Don't turn local elections into clickbait

Push alert pro tip

Create news for people who have never read a newspaper

For young people like me, who didn’t grow up with newspapers and who have used the internet since we were toddlers, a lot of the conventions of news today don’t make sense. News in 2017 doesn’t need to follow the production cycle of news in 1987, and neither should it come in the same form. Adapting a newspaper for the modern web isn’t good enough for people who never read newspapers in the first place.

Treat all sources with respect

Up your listicle strategy

Put your ego aside and let the story do the work

At a time when journalism is as important as ever but is hobbled by less trust than ever, every little thing matters, because it shapes how the industry is perceived and the degree to which our audiences believe in our mission and purpose. We can’t let our egos get in the way.

East Coast bias in media is a real problem

No memes, please

Keep your ego in check

Don't play the victim

News and you